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Citrine Gemstone

Citrine Gemstone

Citrine Gemstone (Hardness of 7.0)

the unique name was gained by the French word citron, or lemon. The colors of the stone range from the juicy lemon yellow to bright orangey brown. Citrine is the most affordable of all the earth-toned gemstones. It will surely compliment any cloth in your wardrobe. Apart from being, a beautifully attractive stone citrine is also considered to posses some powers like top ward off the snakebite and it was believed that citrine protected against evil words and thoughts. Citrine is the birthstone for November. Citrine is set in yellow/white gold either alone or in combination with other stones to give the gold jewelry an outstanding auspicious look. Citrine is said to be quartz cousin and like Quartz, it is available in different shapes and sizes in plenty. They are available in mm sizes and far sizes in shape of Round, Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquies, Trillion, Buggette, Square, Octogun, Cushion, Briolette, Beads, Checker Boards, Buff Tops, Cabs and in many Fancy Shapes. Like other Quartz citrine is a stone which can be used roughly as a daily wear gem. Care must be taken, as citrine should not be much exposed to heat as it may start to fade its color. The gem can be cleaned by simply using a brush or a scrub.

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