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Spinel Gemstone

Spinel Gemstone

Spinel Gemstone (Hardness of 8.0)

, often referred to in ancient texts, as “Balas Rubies” and one of the rarest gemstones. The stone is mined in the gem gravels of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afganisthan (Balas or Balascia refers to Badakshan in northern Afghanistan), Tanzania and Tajikistan. Due to similarity in properties like hardness and durability, vivid color, and brilliance, Ruby and Spinel have for long been confused with each other.

Though found in various colors as blue, green, yellow, brown, and black, the red ones are most expensive. Ironically, Red Spinels are rarer than ruby but, unlike ruby, they can sometimes be found in very large sizes. Now treasured for its own sake, Spinel is a favorite of gem dealers and gem collectors due to its brilliance, hardness and wide range of spectacular colors. The pink one with a tinge of orange that is mined in Burma is one of the most spectacular gemstone colors in any gem species. The opaque, black variety, known as “Pleonast”, is perhaps the most popular black gemstone. Spinel is cut into gems for use as jewelry. They are available in mm sizes and far sizes (Usually Below 5 Carats) in shape of Round, Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquies, Trillion, Square, Octogun, Cushion etc.

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